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We have a high-spec Avid video editing suite and sound-proofed recording studio, for professional voice-over and commentary work.

The studio is connected via high-speed fibre optic broadband, so that HD video files and broadcast-quality audio recordings can be uploaded quickly and efficiently to clients around the world.

Using our edit suite, we produce professional video content to broadcast standards. Files can be output or converted to any requested technical specification and clients also have access to our graphics package and extensive rights-free music library.

Voice-over work can follow scripts, briefs or guide-videos supplied by clients. Alternatively, we also offer a full scripting service.

All recorded sports commentaries are carefully researched and typically unscripted, for a more energised and authentic 'as live' feel.

Finally, all audio recordings can be synched to exactly match and overlay any video supplied, by linking the files within our edit suite.


AVID edit suite with 8-channel audio mixing desk and multiple monitors
Soundproofed studio
Behringer B-1 Large-Diaphragm studio Condenser Microphone

Rode PSA1 Studio Arm with Shock-mount
Shure PS-6 4-Layer Studio Mic Pop Filter
Dual-analog audio meter
Sennheiser headset
Gold-plated XLR audio cables

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