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We're experts in filming and editing promos and social media features that engage with your audience, look slick and convey a real sense of professionalism: Even if a project isn't being filmed for television, the quality of our work is always produced to high broadcast standards. 

Over the years we've produced these kinds of films for many corporate businesses, manufacturers, sports teams and competitors.

Of course, the requirements and level of involvement needed for each project varies - including filming/editing time, number of crew and the type of equipment needed.

However, we always look to produce high quality output to fit your particular budget and prices can start from £575.00 + VAT and travel expenses -  based on a single camera operator working on a one-day shoot, using a Canon DSLR camera on a gimbal, followed by a single day of editing.

For more information or to discuss options for your project, please get in touch.

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